‘Ei-Giene’ Lemon Whirl Whirlpool Cleaner



This specially formulated, non-toxic whirlpool cleaner removes deposits and bacteria from your whirlpool or air spa system. The formulation is designed to prevent damage to pipe joints and bath fittings.

Each 500ml bottle. will give 5-100ml applications for a standard bath. We recommend you use the cleaner at 4 week intervals.

Use every 4 to 5 weeks. Fill the bath with warm water or use the bath water after bathing, pour 100ml into the bath water, switching the system on with air control turned off or at a minimum. After 10 minutes empty the bath and refill with cold water, run again for a few minutes to flush the system.

Keep the lid tightly closed and away from children. Store in a cool place – away from heat sources. Avoid contact with the eyes and prolonged contact with the skin. Wash with clean water

Note If the bath has not been used or cleaned for some time, (you may have inherited the bath by moving in to a new house) and black bits appear in the water, add the cleaner run then leave to soak over night . It may get worse before it gets better & you may have to do this several times but it will work.

Used in conjunction with our Ei-Giene Sterilising tablets your whirlpool bath will be clean fresh and sterile each time you use it.


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