Chromatherapy is sometimes referred to as Colour Therapy or Light Therapy, is the use of soft, fixed or sequential lighting that can be used to calm and relax users.

How Chromatherapy works in a bath

1)    Single cycle Light, on/off only

Cool White Chromatherapy

The single cycle light options consists of either a single, large light (83mm) or a pair of small lights (52mm) in just one of the following colours:

Cool White, as shown above

Warm White

Blue, as shown above

They are turned on via a single button and remain one constant colour and form part of our Premium Range LED

2. Coloured Sequential/synchronised lights

This system light runs through a programme of single and mixed colours (red, green and blue) in a relaxing pattern.

The light systems are activated via an easy to operate push button.  Each LED light is synchronised and illuminates through a sequence timed programme so as to give the user beneficial experience in that particular colour.  The sequence can be paused, by the touch of a button, so that a particular favourite colour stays illuminated for as long as the user wishes.  The button is pressed again to progress through the remaining sequence.

The result is that the water in the bath is beautifully coloured which contributes to a more relaxing bathing experience.

The systems available are:

Assisti-Spa Premium Range LED Systems

  • Single small light (52mm) Push button stop start control
  • Single Large Light (83mm) Push button stop start control
  • Two light small (52mm) Push button stop start control
  • Two large (83mm) Push button stop start control

The light(s) are securely fastened through the surface of the bath and are the housing design is fully waterproof. The housing is IP rated and operates via a low voltage supply so the system is safe to use within and around a bath.

LED Bath

The Premium range of LED bath lights include the following features:

  • Small LED’s have 18 powerful diodes and a front diameter of 52mm
  • Large LED’s have 51 powerful diodes and a front diameter of 83mm
  • Elegant design
  • transformer
  • IPX8 protection on the front and IPX5 protection on the back of the assembly
  • Long lifetime, estimated 50,000 hour
  • Almost zero heat emission
  • Stainless steel Housing Pendant

Stainless steel retaining pendant creates a surface quality of a high aesthetic quality whilst being dulled enough to reduce any excessive glare from the LED.