In-Bath Stereo Music/Audio system

“Turn your bath into a Speaker”

Being able to listen to audio books or music whilst in your bath is not a new experience.

However, simply placing a speaker in your bathroom your bath fails to deliver an appreciable sound quality that you can genuinely experience through your bath.

This is because quality and resonance of sound is greatly diminished when played into an open bathroom.  Sound bounces around the room off tiled or cladded walls and arrives back to the listener in inconsistent waves.  This results in a reduction in the sound quality with slight echo and often made worse the louder the audio is played.


Bluetooth In-Bath Speakers for UK Delivery

The unique Bathsound 2 Bluetooth system from Assisticare converts your bath tub to a speaker that amplifies the sound though the bath surface. This resonates sound waves through the bath water to deliver an even, balanced tone in stereo, in such a way that no stand-alone speaker, device or speaker mounted beneath the bath can do.

The sound wave travels through the water in waves and creates a enough resonance to create a slight vibration through the water that when combined with the audio output delivers a truly physical audio sensory experience.

In-Bath Stereo Music system

With the Bathsound II ® this luxury is now available via Bluetooth technology so no more damaged stereo’s, radios or spoilt books.

The Bathsound 2 system is virtually unseen underneath the bath and the excitors attached to the underside of the bath turns your bath into a giant speaker to create the best possible in-bath sound.  The only thing visible is the stylish chrome control which is mounted on the bath ledge area as shown below.

A blue LED within the control illuminates when connected and the chrome dome is also designed to turn to provide volume control.

The Bathsound II system is available as a separate feature of the Sensory Range of Assisticare bathing products as well as selected baths from our assisted bathing range.  It can also be added to other complimentary sensory options such as the Air Spa and Colour Therapy options to create a more complete and calming experience for the user.

BathSound II® lets you play your music via wireless Bluetooth connection.  Simply pair up the Bathsound II with your mobile phone /iphone/ itouch / ipad / ipod or other Bluetooth device.

When the Bathsound II is connected to your Bluetooth device you can listen in stereo sound even when the bath is full.

Music can be played at the same time as other sensory options such as coloured lighting and air spa for maximum effect.

The unique stylish design has the following features

  • No docking station
  • No ear phones
  • No plug in cables
  • No speakers.
  • Discreet integral system

The BathSound II® works on the same principle as a musical instrument such as the acoustic guitar or violin.  It uses a patented electro-acoustic excitation device attached on either side of underside of the bath.  The whole of the bath vibrates very slightly and just like the guitar or violin, these vibrations create a powerful and natural sound source that amplifies through the water to your ears.

“Sound waves travel up to four times faster through water than air”

CE marked and approved for the bathroom environment.

Made in britainPatented and Made in the UK.                                                                                    

BathSound II ® is completely hygienic and needs no cleaning or maintenance is also completely safe to use in a wet environment.

Blue LED