It has long been known that sensory stimulation through sauna and hydro spas improves relaxation of individuals.  It is now increasingly recognised as contributing to the wellbeing of users through stimulation of four of the five key senses.

As well as implementing these therapies in everyday activities, sensory stimulation can be incorporated in bathing facilities to provide all individuals with a more relaxing bathing experience.




Air Spa Therapy

Music/Sound Therapy

There is extensive research which demonstrates that sensory stimulation improves not only the well-being of all individuals but furthermore, the treatment of individuals with learning disabilities, long term physical disabilities and the elderly, in-particular sufferers of Dementia.

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3. Use of Colour Therapy in the care of special needs

4. The benefit of sensory stimulation and the condition of Alzheimers

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Chromatherapy/Coloured Lighting
Bathsound Audio
Airs Spa Hydrotherapy