The Hydro Air Spa System efficiently pumps pre-heated air into your bath via small, fine bubbles and so aerates the water, increasing the level of oxygen, in addition to providing a relaxing, massaging effect. 

The air is pre-heated within the motor prior to being pumped into the bath so as to reduce heat loss of the bath water temperature through the introduction of air.

Air is pumped into the bath from underneath the bath through discreet, low profile, chrome nozzles located on the base surface of the bath tub.  The number of nozzles can be from 12 to 16 depending on the design and size of the bath.

Hydro Air Spa System

As well as the benefits of the water being aerated the bubbles collectively massage the user’s skin and muscles. 

An Air Spa Hydrotherapy system is regarded as a more hygienic and effective means of Hydrotherapy than a traditional whirlpool, especially where more than  one user is to use the facility

The Air Spa system can be cleaned hygienically using the EI Gene cleaning fluid.

The Air Spa system motor can be either a single of multi speed depending upon the specification of system you choose.

The Air Spa system is operated via a push button mounted on the side of the bath.

The main benefit of the Air Spa Blower includes:-

  • Thermal Cut out
  • Noise reduction housing
  • Variable speed function
  • Maintenance free motor assembly

Bath water is prevented from entering the internal pipe work of the system by a non-return valve located within each nozzle. 

The Assisti-Spa Air Spa system is designed to be easy to install and maintain.

The position of each of the Air Spa nozzles always has to be on the bottom surface of the bath and cannot be on the side or backrest section of the internal bath surface.  This is because the bubbles emitted from the nozzles are designed to travel in a direct, vertical direction upward.

Hydro Air Spa System
Made in britain

The Jet bodies of the Spa system are made in the UK and consist of machined brass bodies and Jet heads that are chrome coated in the UK to provide a high quality look and durable finish.  The use of such material, over plastic, ensures longevity and ease of maintenance of the system in the long term.

The chrome Jet heads are low profile and should not really obstruct a user from being able to stand up in the bath, although the presence of the nozzles should be a consideration if the bath is to be used as a stand-up shower in which the base of the bath tub is frequently used to walk on.

Why Brass bodied nozzles

  1. Longevity – as well as the obvious non corrosive properties of Brass it is un-effected by brittle fracture synonymous with plastic moulding.  Process of plastic moulding removes water from the plastic making it more brittle and therefore prone to cracking over a period of time or if the nozzle is slightly over tightened when fitting to the bath.
  2. With a brass nozzle the installer can tighten the nozzle nut safe in the knowledge he is unlikely to compromise the integrity of the nozzle.
Hydro Air Spa System Parts

EI Gene cleaning fluid

Hydro Air Spa System Fluid

12 Jet Air Spa Kit

Hydro Air Spa System Parts

Chrome Jet Head