‘Ei-Giene’ Sterilising Tablets


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The sterilising tablets are used for the effective sterilisation of whirlpool and Spa systems. One tablet put into the system at regular intervals will leave your system fresh and sterile.

If you have an Airbath / Air Spa (lots of holes in the bottom of the bath) these tablets will sterilise any water left in the system after use preventing unwanted smells and bacterial growth.

. The tablets can also used to disinfect shower heads. Place a Ei-Giene sterilising tablet in a bucket of warm water allow to dissolve, remove the shower head, place in the bucket and leave for 10mins, flush with clean water before re fitting.
Wear rubber gloves when handling the tablets.

Keep the lid tightly closed and away from children. Store in a cool place – away from heat sources. Avoid contact with the eyes and prolonged contact with the skin. Wash with clean water

50 x 2g tablets supplied in a child-proof container.


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