“Ei-Giene”® Flush for Hot Tubs


“Ei-Giene”® Flush is a specially formulated cleaner for Hot Tub and Large portable Spas.

. “Ei-Giene” ® Hot tub and large Spa Cleaner is a superior grade pipe system cleaner with a lemon  fresh smell,  ideal for use in all types of  Hot tub and spa systems, domestic or commercial.  The cleaning solution contains special antibacterial agents used to kill bacteria.  The cleaner is mild, non-aggressive and pleasant to use, ideal for removing oil and skin deposits from within the hidden areas of a typical Hot tub system pipe work…

Use twice a year for a regular used Tub. For an average 4 seat tub,

Pour 250ml (half the contents of the bottle) into the tub water, switching the system on with the air controls turned off or at a minimum.  Run for 30 minutes minimum; empty the tub flushing with a cold water hosepipe to rinse out the system.

Typical application (500ml cleaner into 1750 lts water)

Keep the lid tightly closed and away from children.  Store in a cool place – away from heat sources.  Avoid contact with the eyes and prolonged contact with the skin.  Wash with clean water.


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