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Geberit Balena 8000 Wash dry WC

Geberit Balena 8000 Wash dry WC

The Geberit Balena Wash Dry WC, available from Assisticare, has been specifically developed to improve the quality of life for elderly and disabled people requiring a solution to hygiene difficulties. The advanced design and engineering provide an aesthetic, practical and effective product solution for anybody seeking a wash dry WC.

The Geberit Balena 8000 Wash/Dry WC combines all the functions of a beautifully styled WC with the hygiene effectiveness of a bidet and the comfort of warm-air drying.

Geberit Balena 8000 Wash dry WC

There are a number of ways to operate the toilet with each function designed to meet a specific individuals needs.


A beautifully designed handset designed to operate all functions of the WC either by a carer or individual using it independently.

Geberit Balena 8000 Wash dry WC

Touch Pad

In the unlikely event of failure of the handset or it being misplaced the functions can be operated via a touch pad located on the side of the WC

Touch-Free Operation

The Balena 8000 Care WC can be completely hands-free; a sensor can be located anywhere around the WC and detects movement of the user. This then can automatically start a pre-programmed washing and drying sequence.

Geberit Balena 8000 Wash dry WC


Wash Cycle

Geberit Balena 8000 Wash dry WC

This feature delivers a warm, oscillating shower of water spray. There-are a number of control options of the shower with different pressure and temperature settings, feminine wash cycle and back and forward action of the douche arm, all operated via the handset for a completely hygienic experience.

Dry Cycle

On completion of the wash function the Balena 8000 WC gently and quietly dries with a flow of warm air in minutes.

Self Clean

It is important that the unit is cleaned on a regular basis and to assist with this the Balena 8000 WC has the following features :-


The Balena 8000 can be adjusted to any height between 405mm and 525mm to meet specific individualís needs. It has a remarkable 64 Stone SWL (400kg) which is a testament to the products quality and by combining that strength with an ergonomically designed seat so ensures comfortable and safe lateral transfers.

Technical Data

For full technical data click *here* (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader) available *here*.

Hazardous Substances

This product meets the requirements of the EU Restriction of Hazardous Substances directive (2002/95/EC), also known as RoHS. This means that it is largely free from certain substances such as lead, mercury, cadmium and chromium VI, which pose a risk to the environment.


Under the EU Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment directive (2002/96/EC), also known as the WEEE directive, manufacturers of certain electrical items are required to take back used products and to dispose of them in a clean manner. Shower toilets are not covered by this standard. However, as green pioneers, Geberit wishes to send out a positive signal and has voluntarily applied this requirement to all shower toilets. All used shower toilets can be returned to Geberit free of charge for proper disposal or for recycling. This applies to all EU countries as well as Switzerland and Norway. Please return your used products to Geberit Balena, New Hythe Business Park, College Road, Aylesford, Kent ME20 7PJ. Collecting and recycling your old electrical equipment separately contributes to protecting the environment and caring for human health.

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