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Crystal Patient Shower Trolley

Crystal Patient Shower Trolley

The Crystal Patient Shower Trolley range provides a comprehensive choice of hydraulic and electrically operated Shower Trolleys as well as model lengths and accessories that provide comfort, hygiene and safety for patient and personal care.

Crystal Patient Shower Trolley

Drop down side guards allow unobstructed access to the user and can be used for lateral transfers.

Crystal Patient Shower Trolley Crystal Patient Shower Trolley

The Crystal Shower Trolley raises and lowers effortlessly

Trendelenburg tilting feature

Available in 3 lengths as standard:


Standard Colours available are pink and grey as shown.

As well as a broad range of models the Crystal Shower Trolley is available with safe working loads from 160Kg to 200Kg it is therefore completely versatile and comes with the following specifications (according to models) :-

• Steel frame, anti-corrosion coated, Rilsan, high performance polymide coating.
• 316L Stainless steel frame for the 3701.00 model.
• 4 x Ø100mm wheels with brakes.
• Bi-centralised braking.
• Bi-directional guiding.
• Hydraulic jack with bilateral foot control or 24V electric jack
  2 function hand control.

• White, Polypropylene (unbreakable) stretcher surface.
• Stretcher fold down for easy storage or cleaning.
• Gas-powered tilt function motor with manual control.
• Lateral barrier in stainless steel, outfitted with automatic
  safety locks.
• Stainless steel foot rail.
• Stainless steel head rail, adjustable over 10cm.
• Stretcher protections.

• Water-proof mattress built for intensive use, in soft PVC.
• Central drain hole near feet.
• Ø40mm flexible drain pipe.
• Triangular headrest.

Crystal Patient Shower Trolley

Crystal Shower Trolley Identification of function

Crystal Patient Shower Trolley Functions

Dimensions of the Crystal Shower Trolley range

Crystal Patient Shower Trolley Dimensions

Crystal Shower Trolley feature, dimension and model number reference

Crystal Patient Shower Trolley Model Numbers

For further information regarding the range of TRE Patient Shower Trolleys please feel free to contact our head office on 0844 8002779 or email your requirements to enquiries@assisticare.com. For a PDF download for the Crystal Patient Shower Trolley please click here

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