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Guldmann Ceiling Hoists

Guldmann Ceiling Hoists

Overall a more aesthetic ceiling hoist solution, THE GH-2 HOIST from Guldmann

Over twenty five years experience of designing ceiling hoists has resulted in Guldmann developing the GH-2 Ceiling Hoist. Small and compact in design the hoist contributes to an aesthetic and Ergonomic ceiling hoist solution. Beautifully engineered the GH-2 hoist delivers reliability, power, functionality and ease of use to provide a truly advanced ceiling hoist system.

Features of the GH-2 Hoist include:-

Guldmann Ceiling Hoists
Guldmann Ceiling Hoists


A Ceiling Hoist System does not have to be the first thing somebody sees when they walk into a room-

The actual hoist motor should only be considered as part of the overall solution when deciding to purchase a ceiling hoist system. Because the rail visually impacts up to 90% on the overall appearance of a system it is vitally important to consider the rail configuration and the impact that it’s design and appearance will have on the rail system. As well as how the rail system looks it also contributes to the overall solution in the following ways:-

An example of such complexity would be a swimming pool installation.

swimming pool installation

The Guldmann Rail System addresses all of these areas of complexity and can generally be configured to provide a rail system without the need for expensive, unsightly bespoke brackets or “Piggy Backing” of rail. Piggy Backing of rail is effectively joining together two lengths of the same rail to improve the strength so as to be able to span a standard sized room without the use of ceiling brackets. This method of rail design has the disadvantages of :-

  • Reducing the actual overall achievable lift height
  • Significantly increasing the amount of rail on show

Examples of the rail accessory range from Guldmann include:

Guldmann Ceiling Hoists

Four different types of rail that can be used together to provide attractive rail systems.

Guldmann Ceiling Hoists

90 Switch track - allows a 90 degree left or right hand turn.

Guldmann Ceiling Hoists

Drop down wall brackets for wall stud partitioning.

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