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Interbath Bath

Interbath Bath

For over 20 years this design of bath has been hugely successful in accommodating the needs of users who require a high level of support when bathing.

The Interbath is variable height with a side opening door which allows for ease of transfer in and out of the bath. The door manually locks and is designed to seal and retain the water within the tub.

There are various ways to transfer in and out of the bath but mainly the user will be hoisted in via either a mobile or ceiling mounted hoist. In these cases the door still benefits the user and carer because when emptying the bath the door can be opened and controlled to give gradual access for partial drying as the level of the water drops. This means that the user is not transferred out of the bath wet and may even be partially dressed.

A significant benefit of the Interbath is the range of internal support options that are available for the user. Supportive products include cushions; bespoke positioning shapes and mattresses and can be combined to provide a comfortable and safe solution for the user.

Interbath Bath

These products are designed to form an integral support system which can be adjusted, customised, rearranged to accommodate another user or for cleaning.

The unique internal shape and style of the bath tub means that each support product rests on suckers on a flat bath. This design minimises the risk of slippage through involuntary actions of the user. This can happen when similar support systems are attached to conventionally shaped bath surfaces.

At Assisticare we recognise that each individual has specific needs, therefore the range of support aids provided vary and each individual has to be thoroughly assessed prior to ordering.

The bath Interbath is available in 4 Standard lengths of 1700mm, 1900mm, 2100 and 2300mm with a standard width of 800mm.

The minimum transfer height is 460mm and raises 400mm to a maximum height of 860mm.

Safe working load for the bath is 130Kg.

Optional Extras

Options available with the Interbath include:-

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