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Swing Bath

For over thirty years the traditional Parker Bath has provided a safe, reliable and comfortable bathing solution to the care industry. The Swing Bath from Assisticare is an ideal alternative when looking to replace an existing Parker Bath or as a new assisted bath where the benefits of the Parker Bath are required.

Swing Bath
Swing Bath

The Swing Bath is a medium to high dependency assisted bath that can be used in bathrooms with limited space and also where a floor hoist or ceiling hoist for transfers are required.
Assisticare have been supplying this bath to the market for over five years and as such fully understand the technical aspects of the product.  For this reason we provide a range of supply and installation packages that have been designed to offer flexibility and value for money.

Features Benefit
  • Contoured shape of bath
  • Bath reclines back to near horizontal position.
  • Foot well designed to be low down.
  • Hinged door that can be locked in place.
  • Side door, when opened provides a level, lateral transfer surface.
  • Support base shaped for hoist access.
  • Uses only 70 litres maximum of water.  Significantly less than a conventional bath.   A typical 1700mm assisted bath can take up to 140 litres of water before reasonable immersion for the user is achieved.
  • Very good horizontal position for assisted bathing whilst providing support, security and comfort for the user.
  • User gains satisfactory level of water immersion (mid chest level)
  • Bath can be pre filled, with as much water as is required, prior to the user getting into the bath (approximately 70 litres).
  • On completion of bathing and when the bath has been returned to a fully upright position the door can be opened for immediate access to the user for drying.
  • User can independently access the bath without the use of a hoist (risk assessment required).
  • General lifting and Stand aid Mobile Hoists can be used for transfers.  Ceiling Hoist compatible.
  • Makes assisted bathing more economic.


*As is the case with any assisted bath it is important that the customer fully understands the obligation they have with regard to the requirements for the hot water supply into the bath i.e. level of TMV protection.


With over twenty years experience in the assisted bath market Assisticare are fully experienced in all aspects of the supply and installation of the Swing Bath.  From an initial site visit to the complexity of installation, Assisticare have supplied the Swing Bath to Care Homes, NHS facilities, Social Service clients and private individuals caring for relatives within their own home.
We pride ourselves in providing the best pre-installation information and advice in the market
Swing Bath Standard Items:

Optional extras:


Assisticare can provide leasing options for when you are looking to buy any of the assisted baths we supply.
Lease periods vary between 12 months and 84 months and a simple example of lease costs (for a 3 year period) would be approximately 35.00 - 40.00 per month per 1,000.00 of capital value of the product.  Obviously this varies according to the length of lease period.  Quotes for leasing are available on request.

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