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Bath Hoist

Bath Hoist

The Bath Hoist provides a practical, economic solution for transferring in and out of a conventional style bath for assisted bathing purposes. It is suitable for providing ease of access in and out of a bath in any care environment.

Each model of the Bath Hoist has hydraulic and electrical option to help raise and lower the seat. The seat then rotates around 360 providing multiple positions for transfers outside the bath. The Bath Hoist can be positioned either at the side of the bath and at the end of the bath to allow maximum access from each side.






The Bath Hoist is available in the following models:-


A fixed, swivel seat provides seated transfers in and out of a conventional bath. The seat on this model is not a commode style.


A fixed, swivel seat provides seated transfers in and out of a conventional bath. The seat is designed to accommodate a commode pan incorporates an adequately sized aperture in the seat base. The seat on this model does not detach from the hoist assembly.

The Transporter model incorporates a detachable, transport seat that enables a continuous transfer over a fixed WC or to another room. A Commode style seat is provided with this model as standard.

Other standard Features of this model include:-


For further information about the Bath Hoist you can download the product Bath Hoist PDF



Electrical Specification

Batteries 2 x 12 VDC Rechargeable, sealed, lead acid gel
Capacity 3.2 Ampere/hours
Charger rated input 230 Vac50/60 Hz
Charger rated output 27.4/29.0 VDC @ 0.8A
Fuse - Hoist 25A Fast Blow _" x 1.1/4"

Electric Shock Protection
Charger - class II Double Insulated Hoist - Internal Power Source

Degree of Shock Protection
Charger - Type B
Hoist - Type B
Mode of operation - 15% Intermittent Duty
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